Thursday, July 22, 2010

Condom: Solution to Power Outages & Water Shortage

For several months now, the Philippines has been suffering from long power outages and water service disruptions. The government says it is because the country has not been receiving enough rain. Hence, the rivers are way lower than what they should be. They also reckon that a few typhoons will solve the problem.

As a result, businesses have to decrease their operating hours, residents have to endure hot days without air conditioning or electric fans, people have to travel a long way to get water for their families and public toilets remain filthy and stinky.

It is very convenient to blame Mother Nature and I think there are several reasons for these crises. Ridiculous as it may sound I think overpopulation is one of the culprits. With a population of 20 million, the Greater Manila Area is busting its seams. The age-old infrastructure cannot sustain the number of people anymore.

Stop reproducing, my fellow Pinoys! Keep your dicks in your pants and if you cannot do it, please slap your local priests and put on a condom!

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