Monday, November 16, 2009

Pacquiao wins another world record

A friend told me about this win last night because I had been busy doing household chores. I was very ecstatic: this Filipino won 7 world titles on 7 weight classes!

I admit that I was doubtful that Manny Pacquiao was going to win because he started a bit late in his training. Perhaps, it was a tactic to think Puerto Rico's Cotto was going to win. Well, that tactic really worked!

Pacquiao's win is all over the news even on mainstream Australian media. I just wish that US and Australian media would pronounce his name right though. It is a world record and I thought that they would spend some time ringing a Filipino for the correct pronunciation.

Anyway, back to Pacquiao--he is reportedly going to fight Floyd Mayweather. Is he good enough to make another world record?

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