Saturday, November 28, 2009

Like It Is (play)

"Like It Is" is another multi-media presentation included in Adelaide's Feast Festival. Like "Journeys Made", this is also directed by Daniel Clarke and was staged at the Bakehouse Theatre.

I was shocked when I saw drinks were allowed inside the performance venue. I am not talking about water or softdrinks--I am talking about wine and beer. I did get used to it before the performance started.

As the audience were finding their seats, actors were walking around and taking thumbprints of many people, measuring, and oggling. I was very close to the stage and I was the only Asian there so I was a huge target (and yes, I am getting fat!).

The piece includes video clips of Adelaide people talking about the gay lifestyle, gay marriages, coming out and other aspects of gay life. The six young performers also talked about personal accounts of possibly their lives. Sometimes, it is easy to feel the nerves of the actors but most of the time, they seem to be enjoying it. I expected stronger emotions though but I guess they are just nervous.

The material in general is very entertaining but neither informative nor thought-provoking. One great part of this piece is it is very local. It does not pretend to be universal. It merely depicts the gay life/lives in Adelaide.

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