Wednesday, September 26, 2007

J On A Crossroad

I admire the fact that J is leaving New Zealand, that he is starting a brand new life back in Germany. I admire that he's got the guts to end the relationship that he has now.

I am sure he will be a stronger man after this. I am sure he will learn a lot from this horrible relationship.

But then I do not agree that he is thinking of ending what we have started. Immigration procedures can be a bitch especially for gay men but I hope gay men do not see this as a deterrent in forming meaningful relationships. Right now, J cannot imagine us living together in Germany. But then I never imagined that I would actually be living here in Thailand.

Life has so many surprises. The ones you do not expect are the ones that happen. You just have to follow what makes you happy. I pray that J sees that soon before he makes his decision.

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