Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Brave One (movie)

It is only a coincidence that after publishing a review of Thelma & Louise, I would be publishing a review of a film with a strong female character in a very violent scenario. But then "The Brave One" is not as ground-breaking as the 90s movie.

I am not sure about the possibility of the plot line because I have never been to the US but I think it works satisfactorily well. It was unpredictable first then the middle part was predictable but the ending was unexpected. Again, is New York as vicious as this? Maybe one of you guys can answer that.

Neil Jordan is very good in showing the tension of the scenes but I do not see much of a connection between the characters of Jodie Foster and Naveen Andrews.

Ah Jodie Foster...she is powerful in this movie. She sounds very different. She sounds in pain. I have not seen many American movies this past year so I am not sure if she would be a strong contender for an acting award.

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