Monday, July 30, 2007

Ratatouille (movie)

First of all, I do not like the short film before the movie. It was pointless. I cannot even remember its title.

I thought Brad Bird will never come out with another impressive movie after "Iron Giant" but I was mistaken. This movie made me cry again because it is just so sincere and appealing. It is so easy to identify with the lead characters.

While "Iron Giant" is about choosing what you want to be, "Ratatouille" is about being unique and being yourself. It painfully and realistically said that people who follow their dreams have to be alone to realize their dreams. Many people will give up on you but some will believe in you. It also tells the audience that your family will be for you, no matter what.

I know I made it sound like a lecture but the movie doesn't.

The storyboarding is excellent. I am sure this is more complicated than storyboarding "The Incredibles". The nooks and crannies, the traffic, the traffic and the feet--it was like a real-action movie when it is not.

The music is unforgettable. I am sure it would be nice to purchase the soundtrack album of this movie.

You really have to see this one.

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