Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Batman Begins (DVD)

This is the best adaptation of a comic book character ever. I have long admired Christopher Nolan's work, especially "Memento", and he still continues to impress me.

This DVD still maintains the grit and celebration of the history of Bruce Wayne and Batman. It is loaded with features a Batman fan would really appreciate. The second disc contains numerous video clips of how the filmmaker has achieved the believability of this movie which is very rare in a movie of this genre.

The sound is fantastic and so are the visuals. I hope there was something that they could do with Katie Holmes acting. I wonder if they could have rendered a CGI character rather than this cardboard actor. She is the only flaw in this movie.

Christian Bale might not be the best-looking Batman ever but he is the best Batman so far. I really hope that Christopher Nolan and the writer, David Goyer, will still work on the next installment.

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