Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Host

I am slowly learning which DVDs to buy here in Thailand and which ones to avoid. It seems I should avoid non-English titles here as all of the special features do not have English subtitles. Of course, Thai is the only official language here.

This 2-disc DVD set has the feature movie with English subtitles but not the documentaries. So I will just give my comments on the movie itself.

Like the other reviews, this movie does not seem to know what it is going to be. Nevertheless, it does not stop me from enjoying the movie. There are some boring moments but generally, it was gripping to watch.

The chase scene at the park is my favorite. The pandemonium is so realistic eventhough some of it is hilarious. The special effects were convincing enough. I am sure Korean film makers can do better effects. I cannot wait to try this DVD on a home theater system.

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