Thursday, February 8, 2007

Curse of the Golden Flower

I have always been a fan of Zhang Yimou. I have been watching his movies long before he became famous. As always, I was impressed with this new film with an old protege of his, Gong Li.

Gong Li is still very beautiful and elegant as the empress. It was very strange to see Chow Yun-Fat in this kind of movie because I am used to seeing him in Hollywood flicks. I do not know any Chinese but it seems his accent is different here. I welcome reactions if I am wrong. Cheng Jin is very very effective as the lost wife of the emperor. She is a superb actress.

The costumes are exquisite. The fight scenes were very minimal. I actually did not expect this to be a drama movie but it is. The CGIs are very believable. I am so glad that Zhang Yimou can now afford to tell stories like this one.

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