Friday, February 9, 2007

The Butterfly Effect

Here is another movie on alternate realities. In the tradition of "Run Lola Run"and "Back to the Future", Hollywood brings you "The Butterfly Effect".

Don't get me wrong: the movie is very entertaining but like movies on alternate realities, it is bound to have loopholes. But it is OK: the expensive special effects kept me distracted.

Anyway, Amy Stuart is very convincing in every version of reality. She is quite versatile. Ashton Kutcher is a good actor but not good enough to give a lasting expression. I am sure everyone can agree that his looks is used to market this movie.

Thank you, Carlos, for buying me this DVD here in Bangkok. I miss you.

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Sk├Âna Helena said...

It was a long time ago I watched this movie, but I recall really liking it. Ok, Ashton is perhaps not Oscar material, but he's doing alright...?