Sunday, December 3, 2006

Revisiting Schindler's List

I was only 15 years old the first time I saw this film in the cinema. I was shocked by its content and how cruel people can be. Now that I am 28, I see this film very differently. Now that I am living in a city where people are different from each other and now that I have interacted with Jews (and one of which is a friend), I value this film more than I did.

The music is very sad. The stories of survival are now more compelling. Their accounts are more significant amidst all the wars that the world is facing. Maybe it is only a dream that people will learn how to live with each other peacefully.

Despite the grains and lines (I am sure this will improve with the introduction of the Blu-ray and HD-DVD), this DVD collection is priceless. The documentaries are actually as strong as the film itself. I am really proud that I have this in my collection.

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