Monday, December 25, 2006

First Christmas outside of the Philippines

I was thinking of my family the whole Christmas Eve. I miss the gathering, the misa de gallo, rice cakes, lanterns and the energy of Filipinos at this time of the year. I also miss my mother's homemade ham, the gift-giving, our old Christmas tree and the warmth of my home in Manila.

Here you can see Christmas trees and other decors but you will not feel anything. There is no warmth. There is no meaning. There is no feeling. There's nothing. These are only for tourists but they cannot mask the artificiality of all.

But then surprisingly, I enjoyed my Christmas Eve last night. I met a new man and some of my new friends here.

I cannot mention names right now but I will in the future. It is just amazing how I enjoyed this Christmas Eve in a way I did not expect. Romance can go a long way it seems.

I still miss the Christmas I am accustomed to in the Philippines.

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