Saturday, October 15, 2011

Last Day in Canberra

Our last day in Canberra was spent playing with some fluff. Some of the trees produce seeds that float using some cottony material. The scene was like Avatar with these white circles and blobs floating around.

We found an area just full of it and it looked like a white Christmas. The tree branches, the grass and footpath were all covered in white. Parrots were also chattering above our heads. If you know what this tree is, please leave a comment.

We then entered the National Art Gallery. I wished we took a map of the exhibitions with us because there were too much information and paintings to take in. One cannot follow it in a straight line or even do it from top to bottom. The place was like a labyrinth of colours and fixtures.

It was impressive to see old artefacts from Central Asia and South East Asia but the countries were far from complete. They did not have any from the Philippines!

Aboriginal paintings and sculptures were divided into regions (again, not everything is represented). Some of these are very striking because they invoke a lot of anger and sadness, especially the ones about how the white fellas treated (and are treating) the original inhabitants of these lands.

A section for South Australian paintings was made and one of these showed Adelaide before the white people came. The people depicted there look so much happier and peaceful than what I have seen in modern Adelaide.

Once again, many thanks to Peter for being a wonderful and generous host. Thank you also for his pussies, Sasha and Pogo, for keeping us entertained.

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