Sunday, April 17, 2011

Teaching kids the gay lifestyle

We should start teaching our kids the gay lifestyle while they are young. We should let them cross dress for school plays and even teach them how to lip synch to Abba songs. Though it should not be done everyday, we should also teach them the difference between night makeup and day makeup.
And when they get older and have the ability to remember dates, then we should teach them about the Stonewall riots, the Sydney Mardi Gras and even the Philippines' Super Si Reyna. And with supervision, we can let them watch the life of Brandon Teena.
They do not have to be gay to enjoy gay culture as gay men do not have to try vaginas to enjoy straight culture. They simply have to be aware of the gay people that paved (and paving) the way towards a more tolerable society.
And I am sure teaching them while they are young will prevent gay bullying and gender-related suicides. Plus we will have more gay men and women who are realizing their full potentials rather than worrying about getting hurt by their classmates.


Mel and Tim said...

Love this post - your message is spot-on. And where did you get the photo? It is perfect! Tim x

Dexter Mejia said...

tim, thanks for visiting. That is photo of me when I was a kid. I do not know who took it but I think it is a paid photographer.