Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fishy Easter

We are currently having a 5-day weekend here in Australia. Many Aussies have planned holidays interstate or overseas. Steven and I simply wanted to spend some time in Nuriootpa.
There were tons of people who wanted to make the most out of their holidays so they drove as fast as their machines could allow them with no consideration of other people on the road. And we did arrive in the Barossa safely. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same thing for the people who have died on the road in the past few days.
I tried so hard to be a good Filipino but I did not have much of a choice but eat red meat. Fish is insanely expensive in this part of the world.
We also tried our best to catch some fish. Unfortunately, my partner is short of patience especially after seeing a couple of Vietnamese catch carp every three or five minutes. And no, I am not exxagerating--those Vietnamese have fish magnets! Steven and I spent an hour without catching even a tadpole.
Anyway, I think I took a very nice photo of Steven when he was still patiently waiting for a nibble.

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