Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Thai in Me

When I moved to Australia from Thailand, I did not know how to cook Thai food. I spent a lot of time (and very little effort) consuming Thai cuisine but I did not take the time knowing how to make it myself because the food is available 24/7 on the streets of Bangkok.

My first few years in Australia was spent on remembering Filipino dishes and learning Australian ones which was very easy. Ingredients are also cheap and readily available. Unfortunately, both food are very fatty so I gained a lot of weight--8 kilos!

Last December, I bought a small Thai cookbook in Manila and I was really impressed with myself. The taste brought me back to Bangkok and it also gave me a chance to show Steven the things I really miss about Thailand. Then I bought an Australian-published Thai cookbook and it has a lot more recipes.

It is very expensive to buy the exotic herbs and spices but with our combined salaries, we can afford it. I am also slowly getting leaner so I am sure I will be able to show off my body next summer.

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