Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Honk honk

I have been trying to get a teaching job since I graduated. It is not that easy in Adelaide compared to Bangkok as the demand in Adelaide is not as big. Hence, I try my very best during each and every interview I am granted.

Coming from Manila, I am already an expert at job interviews. Especially in the teaching/training industry, I know what is necessary to land the job but something unexpected happened during the last interview I went to. The interviewer mentioned that the job entails being in several places in one day so I would need a car but...

I do not know how to drive.

All my friends know this and my partner has been urging me to start learning how to drive since forever. Unfortunately, I am as stubborn as he is and now I regret it. I should have started learning how to drive last year.

My name is Dexter. I am turning 32 years old this year and I am just starting to learn how to drive.

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