Thursday, January 28, 2010

Solution to the Philippine Economic Problem

The population of the Philippines is just ridiculously big. 92 million in the whole country while 12 million of which lives in the capital. Plus Filipino expats like myself amount to 11 million. I guess god made us very very fertile and thank him/her that I am gay.

No wonder we import most of our goods including rice. We used to train Thai agriculturalists but now we are very dependent on their own supply. There are times that we have to import our well-loved pork from overseas, too, because there are just too many Filipinos pigging on this meat--guilty here!

In Manila, it is OK not to say "excuse me" when you step on someone's toes because one constantly does it every five minutes when walking on the streets. You can actually have your cock out and nobody will notice it because it is just way to crowded.

I have one solution to this overpopulation problem--Filipinos should be forced to drink a substance that will make them impotent. Mix this substance in the water supply for one month so that the old and new generations will not be able to have children anymore. Of course, this should be kept a secret like how the Catholic church keeps its riches.

In a few decades, population will go down and the environment will be able to recover. The economy will prosper so Filipino expats will come back to repopulate the country sensibly. They will lock priests and their supporters in mental institutions and fry their brains to omelets.

And only then the Philippines will be a very rich country.

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