Saturday, January 16, 2010

Meeting the Family

Despite the cultural and linguistic differences, my family and Steven like each other. It was hard communicating at first but they were able the messages--Dexter is missed in Manila but somebody is taking care of him in Adelaide.

The relationship that they have developed is far better than I expected. Steven was very relaxed when he was with my family. My father showed him a lot of machines. My mother chatted with him about religion. She also spoiled him with tubs of ice cream.

When we said our goodbyes, both of us received hugs and tears from my mother. My father is not that vocal but I can feel that he is very happy where I am right now. The gay lifestyle is not something that they are familiar with and yet because of their love, they have accepted the fact that Steven and I are in a meaningful and genuine relationship.

I did not make any promises but Steven assured my mother that we are coming back the end of this year. I just hope our finances will allow it.

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