Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Winter in Karoonda and Nuriootpa

I spent the long weekend with Steven in Nuriootpa and Karoonda. I welcome the distraction and relaxation as things have been tough here lately.
I spent our time in Nuriootpa sleeping most of the time. Steven reckons that I feel relaxed there and I had a difficult week. We also played a few board games, baked gingerbread and cooked a few Filipino dishes.

Our Karoonda trip was short but nice. I was able to meet Steven's family and friends again. We also visited the farm and boy, it looked so different from what it was in the summer. It is much much colder now and there are grass, moss and paddy melons. The latter is delicious-looking but Steven told me that they are poisonous. I swear they look very sweet and tempting.

Anyway, I hope you like these photos taken in the farm. Please notice how vast the farm is.

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