Monday, June 1, 2009

Waterfall Gully

Settling in another country is not easy and doing it a second time does not make it easier. There is one challenge after another. There is one setback after wrestling the first one.

Making decisions could have been simpler and quicker if I were single. I could just snap my fingers and off I go to Thailand. But I am no longer single. I am sharing my life now with a special person. Many people have said this and it will sound corny but I really cannot live without this person anymore. He gives me motivation to do the best I can for us and our home.

Steven has a good way of relieving my stress though. We go driving--and this time, we also went mountain hiking. We cooked food at home and drove to the conservation park Waterfall Gully. We admired the environment, took a sip of the cool water and took our picnic bag to the top of the mountain. There we had lunch while looking at Adelaide.

My knees felt like jello by the time we returned to our car. And planted a kiss on Steven's lips before driving home.

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