Thursday, February 12, 2009

Surviving the Heat Wave

A few weeks ago, South Australia suffered because of an intense heat wave. It killed a lot of trees and some elderly people.

The temperature reached 45 degrees Celsius and I have never felt that hot in my life. Unfortunately, we lost power for 17 hours. I was left at home with nothing substantial to eat. I could not open the fridge because I was afraid of spoiling the meat.

I slept on the hard cool floor to keep myself from going insane at night. My partner tried it as well. But the heat was just too much.

Here are some photos that I took while I was starving. I opened a tiny tin of tuna and dissolved a pack of instant soup in hot water from the tap.


Miss Bubbles Cojuanco said...


hey... how are you... its been a while... you're looking good...



Dexter Mejia said...

hello mikey,

can you tell me who you are?