Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Adelaide's National Railway Museum

I am not a big fan of trains because I am also not a big fan of long rides. I think I value my hemorrhoid veins too much.

But many of my friends are into trains and that includes my partner. When Peter visited us a few weeks ago, Steven brought us to Adelaide's Railway Museum.

It is very impressive that such massive machines are well taken care of. I do not think many of them are operational but they all look new. Visitors can even climb some of them and touch the controls. Some have open compartments where people can have a feel what it was like to ride the carriages.

There are lots of recordings and speakers hidden in the machines. There is also a massive miniature set that is very detailed. Visitors are also treated to a miniature train ride around the compound.

By the way, this museum is so close to our flat that I can even take you to it on foot.

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