Thursday, February 5, 2009

Milk (movie)

This movie is enjoying a commercial release in Adelaide. I just gasp everytime the trailer is shown in the gym. Though there are lots of gay men around, bigots also lurk amongst us. I do not know yet if people are actually watching this.

I am very impressed with the research that came with this movie. Gus Van Sant showed real clips of the Stonewall Riot and raids conducted by police officer in the 70s. It also showed video clips of all the characters in the movie.

The production design is excellent. Sometimes, it is hard to distinguish which is a real video clip and which one is re-enacted. The saturation of the colours created a good mood for the main plot.

James Franco is charming and looks good with an Afro. Sean Penn's portrayal terribly reminds of his performance in "I am Sam". Perhaps, he associates "sexual deviance" with intellectual disability.

I am grateful that big-name actors are supporting this movie and that a great director is in it. But I am somehow disappointed that openly-gay actors are not taking the major roles in this movie. Harvey Milk saw coming out as a political statement so why can't it be shown in this movie?

It is very humbling to see how far the gay movement has moved. Unfortunately, there is not much progress in the US, especially after the win of Proposition 8.

This is a helpful tool to educate young minds about equality and human rights. Though it is not an excellent film, I really hope that this will be shown in many schools around the world. I doubt if this will ever be shown in my old Catholic school.


palma tayona said...

hello dexter!!!
i was surprised that while i was surfing i saw your blogspot. :-) how are you doing? you're already in australia??

'tis great to see bump into your words.

and yes... Milk is a very good film. eye-opening indeed on the birth of castro. ;-)

Dexter Mejia said...

hello daniel,

I am doing well here in Adelaide. I am just continuing my studies here. Hopefully, I will be able to help educate new migrants like myself here.

Do you know that this is the second foreign country I have lived in? The first one is Thailand.

i see that you are still doing what you love doing. Keep it up!


palma tayona said...

I am very happy for you. :-)

Yes, I have gone full-time with what I am doing. It's actually easier to say "I am a painter" when people ask me what I do. hehehehe...

Yeah, I actually thought you were still in Thailand and was surprised you've moved to Aussieland. :-)