Saturday, October 4, 2008

Slacker Uprising (movie)

I have been idolizing Michael Moore since I read "Stupid White Men" (thanks Peter) but I will try to be as objective in this article as possible.

This movie is downloaded for free from Michael Moore's website but you have to be in north America to do so. If not, you can go to but you need a Torrent client to make it work. Do not hesitate to ask me if you have more questions on how to get this free movie.

This movie was shot four years ago as Michael Moore visited several states. Some of the talks were organized smoothly and some were made difficult by rich Republicans. Although he was encouraging "slackers" to vote, he was obviously promoting John Kerry.

Many of the scenes and speeches are filled with emotions. Democrats are portrayed as being intelligent and proactive. Republicans are portrayed as being stupid and rowdy. But then how can you describe people who join in a huge mob of people who are totally against their beliefs?

The celebrities, soldiers, families of soldiers and other private citizens mainly talked about the war in the Middle East. The issues were much simpler back then but now it is more complicated because the US economy is about to collapse (although they are still in the same war plus others).

If I were American, I would be proud of Michael Moore and the Americans in this movie who want a change. I just hope that they get it.

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