Friday, October 3, 2008

Afterthoughts on 2008 Bangkok International Film Festival

Many of the major awards in the Bangkok International Film Festival 2008 were won by the Filipino films and I am happy for them. It is good that my fellow Filipinos are being recognized recently in many film festivals around the world.

But this does not mean I am crazy about their work.

I do not mind the real-time storytelling, the absence of high-tech equipment and the use of unknown actors. But I mind when they hyperextend their movies. They show no respect to their audience. I do not know anyone alive and sane who can sit through a movie that is more than four hours long. We have better things to do.

I do not mind seeing naked people on screen but do people really have to see sex acts up close? I am really upset that most Filipino movies that appear on DVDs overseas are only porn flicks with a storyline.

Who are their audience anyway? Do they make these movies to satisfy their egoes or their little circle of film making buddies? Or the little ego that they have below their waist?

I hope they will be more honest when saying that they are making their socially-relevant films and not films that will be appreciated by their colleagues and libido only.

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