Saturday, October 27, 2012

More connected than ever

I remember the time that I was convinced to get a mobile phone. My friends back then were very upset with me because it was hard for them to get in touch with me. Mind you, I was spear-heading a gay organisation back then (year 2001) and the only time that they could call me was when I was at home.

After much prodding, I bought a mobile phone and it was really a relief. Not only my friends were able to call me but also job prospects. I think it was silly of me to resist getting one for a very long time.

Pre-paid subscription dominated the years that I had my phone. If I did not have any credits, I would not reply to anyone. I had a policy that if you needed me, you would call me.

I spent the past year with my students asking me questions about their Smartphones and Android phones. I just gave them a smile because I did not answer as I did not have one. They thought it was silly because I am highly-adept in computers but not in mobile technology.

And recently, I gave in and bought a Samsung Galaxy S III with a Telstra post-paid subscription. So now, I can actually return phone calls and answer emails anywhere I am. 

I wonder what the next piece of popular technology that I will resist.

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