Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Misogyny Among Gay Men

We gay men did not sprout from the ground. Like all men and women, we came from this world and this world is neither gay-friendly nor women-friendly. We are not predisposed to be sensitive towards the being of women. We are predisposed to misogyny.

Like how many men (who claim to be straight) would say "I would rather , than to have sex with a man", we gay men would say the same thing when it comes to describing the possibility of being intimate with a woman. We go to the extent of comparing the vagina to a different sorts of animals just to illustrate how disgusting we claim it is.

I think as an adult gay man (who has been out of the closet for decades) can be better than this. I can learn to talk about women without degrading them. I can rid myself of this predisposition to be misogynistic because this world is also predisposed to hate my being and I should know that it is not fair.

We can be better gay men.

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