Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy birthday to me

Steven is a very nice husband. He really did his best to make me happy on my birthday yesterday. He spoiled me by buying some PS3 games. 

We also went to the cinema to watch The Dark Knight Rises and it was awesome. I was lapping up the words and the performances. I am definitely going to buy the blu ray.

Fancier Pro Camera Backpack
I spoiled myself by buying a new camera bag. The one that I have been using is about 6 years old so I have outgrown it and it does not offer much protection anymore. I looked on eBay and found this inexpensive bag from Fancier (Pro Camera Backpack).

It can carry a whole lot of gear including my tripod. It even has room for my 16-inch laptop. It will get warmer soon so I will definitely take more photos with this bag on back.

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