Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Corregidor Island 2012

I have flown dozens of times. I have been on bumpy roads and numerous boat rides on rivers and seas.

But I had never been so nauseous until our trip to Corregidor Island. Some of the tourists were late and the captain tried to compensate by racing through big waves.

As a result, half of the passengers were throwing up or could not even sit up. I was in the toilet most of the time puking air and I counted the minutes that was left until we reached shore.

And when we did, I wanted to go back to Manila on a plane. Thank goodness the way back was way slower so nobody really threw up.

Anyway, the island is still beautiful and the forests unchanged. Macaques and eagles are still roaming around. Nature is slowly reclaiming the ruins as the government hesitate to invest some money on tourism.

Steven and I felt that we should stay the night next time. The rainforest seemed to have more stories to tell than the tour guide.

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