Monday, March 12, 2012

My Fingers Smell Straight

Yes, we tried fishing again but this time we succeeded: we actually caught several of them!

Steven and I drove two hours from our place to Port Vincent to join his family at a caravan park. We had cockles and clickers as baits and casted our rods to the shallow waters.

Unfortunately, the fish that we caught are not the ones we usually eat. They are either bony or inedible or just plain poisonous. Both of us caught numerous trumpeters and puffer fish of all sizes. I even caught one that resembles a mudskipper.

Steven's dinner--a puffer fish

tiny sand crab


mud skipper look-alike
It was just nice being able to catch fish because we've had numerous trips wherein I could even feel a nibble. It is also nice feeling relaxed and idling the time away with Steven's family.

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