Monday, March 5, 2012

Fisherman's Wharf Markets (Port Adelaide)

I have been living in Alberton for more than three years and it was only yesterday I took the time to explore this market that is only open on Sundays. We parked some distance from the place as we did not want to pay for parking.

The place is like a gigantic 2-level shed with a very high ceiling. It was full of antique knick-knacks and furniture. There were tea cups, vintage nude photos and toys. A stall had fresh produce and another one has model cars, trains and planes.

But it is far from perfect: people have to pay for parking and it is such a turn off because the port has nothing else to offer but the market and the dolphin cruise. If you get there on a car, you will be greeted by a hotel all boarded up because there is not enough business going on.

I was also dismayed that a security guard stopped me from taking more photos without the "expressed permission of the manager". It is silly because there were so many other people taking photos and yet he singled me out. Your guess is as good as mine why I was singled out.

Anyway, I lodged a complaint at the information booth and left my contact details. Let's see what happens.

UPDATE: Port Adelaide Enfield has not replied to my complaint yet. Obviously, Asian people do not matter to them.


Luci & Elizabeth said...

Great shots of the market, sorry you felt you were singled out. Hope this was not the case.
I love this market, it has such great bargins.

Dexter Mejia said...

Hi Luci,

Thanks for the comment. I agree, it is a lovely market indeed. Neither the council nor the owner of the market has replied to my written complaint though.