Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Losing it

I arrived from our Manila vacation weighing around 72 kilograms. I really felt horrible because that was the heaviest I have ever been. I swore that I will be back to my Bangkok weight by next summer.

It is not easy losing weight here because I need to cook our food. Cooking Thai dishes is a challenge here because of the availability and the price of the ingredients. We even have to visit the shops at least twice a week.

Exercising is also a challenge because I do not have access to California Wow's numerous choices of cardio classes (i.e. Body Pump, jazz dance, pole dancing--yes pole dancing!). The equipment here (Adelaide City Council gym and Fitness First) are also inferior and outdated compared to the ones found in Manila and Bangkok. Again, I have to rely on myself when it comes to cardio exercises.

So this is the result of the hard work. I am now 68.2 kilos. My target is 65 kilos. I really hope I can reach this goal before summer comes.

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