Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Culture of Speeding

Everyday, Australians hear on the news people getting killed or injured on the streets. Some of them are because of drivers who speed and do burn outs.

South Australian Police always appears on the news saying that they have done everything to stop people from being irresponsible on the road. They have spent so much money on multi-media ads, hardware (i.e. speed cameras) and holiday shifts for police officers. But I do not agree that they have done everything.

I do not feel sorry for those young men and women who have put themselves in mortal danger just for fun. I do not consider it an accident that they are dead and I find it abhorrent that some of them have injured and killed some innocent people just for fun.

Australia has a culture of speeding. There are several car races every year that involve millions of dollars every year. Hence, racers and racing are glamourised and some people consider this subculture as part of the Australian identity.

This is one of the reasons why young men and women think that it is cool to irresponsibly hold the wheel and run over an old neighbor of mine while she was feeding the birds in our park. She is in her 80s and fighting for her life.

But even up to now, there are still people doing burn outs in the same park, right where the old woman laid fighting for her life. I won't be surprised if the same asshole is doing the marks on our roads.

I believe we should end this racing culture. It just kills.


Anonymous said...

But racing is part of australian culture, as is nascar in america and formular one in europe. car racing is part of any country. it is all down to driver training.

Dexter Mejia said...

I doubt if certified driving schools in Australia teach their students to break the law by speeding and doing burn outs.

Anonymous said...

south australian driving instructers dont exactly know the road rules themselfs. i have seen many instructers who are driving the company car, and they tailgate, they speed, change lanes without indicating correctly, and sudden sharp movements. the government here need to look at the people instructing theese young people too, not just the young drivers.