Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mightier than a pen

I know I have been lazy updating this blog. Being in a relationship, I have become a bit more reserved when it comes to divulging information about myself. That means whatever I reveal online, somehow my partner gets affected whether he shows it to me or not. My current job right now implicitly gives me less freedom on what I can say publicly.

Because of these reasons, it has been very difficult to choose a topic I can post. Since I was very young, my friends have described me as a shit-stirrer. Perhaps, it is true but I am just being completely honest. If my honest remarks has "stirred some shit" then it is not my intention.

But lately, some people who have been visiting this page have posted very angry remarks not only against my ideas but also against me. Some of them even explicitly mentioned that I should go back to the Philippines. I am only human so I am affected.

Honestly (there is that word again), I do not lose sleep over those remarks.

I lose sleep over remarks coming from people who are close to my heart--my family. Some of them have been very upset with my comments against the Catholic church. 

I guess I lose sleep also because this topic is a very sensitive one for me. The feelings I have against this institution are very raw because my awful experiences in this church have contributed to my being. These experiences have resulted to serious decisions I have made in my life.

Will I stop doing what I am doing? I am not really sure. It is like asking me if I can stop feeling.

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