Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jane Elliott

I have come across a few teachers who think out of box and change the world. These are the ones who try to change how we think and how we should approach education. These are people who aspire for equality and see the world in the point of view of a non-white male.

On the other hand, there are some teachers who do not really yearn to change the world but have the world look in a mirror. There is one teacher who gives white people a chance to have a glimpse of how it feels to be non-white. And that is Jane Elliott.

Jane Elliott is a retired American school teacher who has produced several videos of people participating in an experiment that simulates racial discrimination. Some of these experiments last for two days. Some only for a day but these have created profound reactions from the participants and other researchers.

I hope I can participate in this project someday. Or better yet, create a project that is uniquely Australian.

There are a few of these experiments that are accessible via Youtube. I hope you enjoy this sample.

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Anonymous said...

*yawn* This woman is so almost 50 years ago. Is this the best the precious anti-racism brigade can drag up in 2010? How about showing some intellectual rigor and putting down some new research.