Monday, March 8, 2010

Facing the Problem

My opinion on this matter is heavily influenced by the fact that I am a non-white. I also have some knowledge on the education provided to migrants and refugees--some of which are comprised by South Asians and Indians. I admire that the federal government spends a lot of time and money helping these new arrivals integrate in the mainstream Australian society and many of these programs are really good in addressing their concerns.

So these new migrants are given the tools in this country but the government has not really done anything substantial to teach racial and cultural sensitivity especially among adults. Racial tolerance does not come inherently so it has to be taught. I have met so many Caucasian Australians who are surprised that I can speak the language and more surprised when they discover that I am quite familiar with non-Asian culture.

Soon the Australian government must realize that it needs to educate people who are already here in how to welcome the new migrants. For now, it has to admit that racial intolerance does occur here not as isolated incidents but as a recurring problem. Please open your eyes.

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