Saturday, October 10, 2009

Prejudice: Equality...At What Price? (video)

produced by Film Australian 1988

Australia approved its Anti-Discrimination Law in 1975, protecting its citizens and residents from unfair treatment in the workplace. The government has produced this video to show what can be done when a person gets disriminated.

This docu-drama features two stories of two women: Jessica, a newspaper photographer, and Leticia, a nurse. Jessica is in an industry that is predominantly male so she gets a lot of sexist jokes and sexual harassment from her work colleagues while Leticia is denied her much-deserved promotion because she is a Filipino and some of her work colleagues made it difficult for her to fulfill her duties. The superiors of both professionals are actually encouraging discriminatory practices in their workplaces thus making these women's lives a torturous experience.

Absolutely everyone in this film is convincing. It feels like I am watching the real thing and that is because everyone represent the industry that they are working in in real life.

This is the perfect material for people who want to have an idea of what happens at the Anti-Discrimination Tribunal Board. It teaches people in the work force that there is always someone who can be held accountable even the labor union itself.

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