Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dexter got crabs!

Steven and I had been planning for this long weekend for months and I was excited to have a break from the city. We left for Nuriootpa for a stress-free time.

We packed our crabbing gear and asked for a map to Webb Beach. On the way there, we found a juvenile crow on the road. We gave it some water and took it with us hoping that it will feel alright being in the cooler car. Unfortunately, there is no RSPCA in the Barossa Valley and it just got sicker and sicker so I just left it in a bush.

After being on the road for an hour and half an hour being lost, we finally found the beach and walked along the beach. I did not know that one needs a rake and a plastic container only to catch these delicious critters. There were tons of crabs so it did not take long to gather 18 big ones.

We went home and immediately steamed four. Steven does not like crabs so I ended up eating most of them.

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Chris said...

Dexter & Steven caught the crabs but we were lucky enough to eat most of them...Singapore style ie "Chilli Crabs"..delicious!