Sunday, July 28, 2013

Socialising Meeka

Meeka under the kelpie

Steven and I want Meeka to be the most popular canine in the neighborhood so we try our best to socialise her. Right from the start, we knew that she loves other dogs and humans and we want to keep it that way.

Meeka has met a few cats already and thank goodness, she does not bark at them or chase after them. She loves saying hello though and most cats do not say hello back.

She has met a kelpie cross that is around her age. She loved playfighting with the other dog and Meeka would always go for the legs and neck. She could have been a good fighting dog but of course, we will not go down that path.

She has also met a much much younger rottweiler puppy and we were impressed when she toned down her playfighting. I guess from the yelping of the younger puppy, she realised that she could not be very agressive with a pup that is only learning to run.

More posts about our baby soon!

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