Thursday, June 27, 2013

June 2013 Renovations

The house that we bought was really plain inside. It had blue walls and raw skirting boards. It did not reflect our personalities at all.

We have been spending the past few months staining and varnishing the skirting boards, painting the walls and buying some furniture. We wanted the interiors to be modern and neutral-coloured so we went for a warm grey paint and black furniture. We also added some red highlights on the furniture.

The feature wall in the lounge room is going to be taken down eventually because it sticks like a very sore thumb. Hence, it will still change. As far as our bedroom goes, this will be the permanent look of it.

Of course, there are more photos to come.
main bedroom


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Anonymous said...

Your fans DEMAND pics or videos of Meeka! Ok...well...maybe just me,but I am a fan! :)