Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013 in Adelaide

It was the Chinese New Year a few weeks ago so a Chinese friend invited us to the city and the enjoy the festivities. There were tons of people on the streets and food stalls. There were also long queues for food so it took us a long time to fill our bellies.

But the most interesting part for me is spending a Saturday night with friends who were babysitting some children. These friends are going to foster a child soon so hanging out with them a minor around will be a normal occurrence. I guess they were practicing that night.

My mouth is far from family-friendly whenever I am with my gay friends but it was really not that difficult adjusting. I guess there are other things that I can talk about aside from obscenities.

It makes me wonder also if I can ever be prepared to be a parent myself. I do not know the answer yet.

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