Sunday, November 25, 2012

First House Stage One

Since Steven and I have been together, we have been talking about a new house. We are not really happy living in a unit because we have to deal with neighbours who do not show respect to other tenants. Living in a unit also forces us to use a laundromat (so tedious) and be petless.

We have spent so many months looking for a house that we can afford and we can be happy with. We have had very long discussions on what we really wanted and we actually almost bought a house.

But then the South Australian government announced that they will reward grants to people who have chosen to build a house. So we gave up on the several houses that we have been eyeing and grabbed a house and land package.

After dozens of emails and hours of phone calls, we managed to buy land very close to where we are right now. It is not very big but it will be enough for two men, a dog and a few citrus plants.

Here is the panoramic photo of the property. In less than a year, you will see a black and white home built in this area. Just click on the thumbnail to view the entire photo.

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